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Compliance Advisor - Immediate

Job description - Technical & Administrative Responsibilities

1. Coordinate and ensure PSV, Safety System and Crane Compliance programs are implemented per client Standard Operating Procedure and regulatory requirement. Ensure business activities are in compliance with regulatory obligations, policies and guidelines.

2. Mentor, coach and advice Technicians and the Maintenance organization on industry practices

3. Develop procedures, flowcharts and philosophy document required o manage the PSV maintenance program. Continual evaluation of the adequacy of existing internal control systems and recommend improvement as necessary.

4. Set up/ establish process work flow, manage and seek opportunities to optimize work processes, ensuring optimal utilization of resources (manpower and parts).

5. Responsible for providing support in the implementation of PSV, Safety Systems and regulatory related compliances.

6. Coordinate compliance activities to remain abreast of the status of all activities and trends; identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk.

7. Support development initiatives and revising of procedures for the general operation of the equipment/systems to prevent unethical or improper work activities.

8. Develop, share, disseminate, coach and train personnel on audit programs and internal control systems for the organizations business activity areas.

9. Develop audit program and conduct regular audit to determine safety system compliance with policies, guidelines and regulations. Prepares audit report with recommendations. Develop/implement corrective action plans for resolution of audits findings / problematic issues.

10. Plan, schedule, direct, prioritize, share and source resources implementing the program.

11. Administer and manage 3rd party contractors ensuring optimal utilization of services and value obtained from relationship.

12. Oversee QA/ QC program, training and certification program and ensure personnel & equip certifications are up-to-date.

13. Manage Compliance reporting, reconciliation of data between JDE and Visions and dissemination of Compliance reports both internally and externally (regulatory body). Assures data integrity and ensure Visions SOR is in alignment with JDE

14. Routinely set up, participate, lead and/ or facilitate/ coordinate meetings with internal and external stakeholders (peer and management) providing updates on Compliance program.


1. Previous experience managing similar program in an IOC facilityis required or significant advantage.

2. Prior minimum 5 years demonstrated experience required.

3. Knowledge of the testing requirements per API and other industry standards is a requirement. Knowledge of Client's Standards and Specifications is an advantage.

4. Technical knowledge of the PSV inspection program and activities is expected. Prior experience leading or developing such program is a requirement.

5. Knowledge of JDE and Visions program is expected but prior experience with other similar industry software/ application will be considered.

6. Candidate MUST have working knowledge of resources for codes and regulations such as DPR, API-14C, 30 CFR 250, NEC, API-14F, etc.

7. Ability to work independently with proactive communication skills is essential.

8. Good attention to details with ability to follow, applies, interpret and explain instructions and guidelines. Committing to a course of action without undue delay.

9. Excellent interpersonal relationship and communication skills and ability to obtain required results through influence without authority.

10. Great attention for details and able to interpret Codes and Standards and communicate same to Technicians is required.

11. Knowledge of client's processes, procedures, standards and specification is of significant advantage.

12. Established network with the industry experts is a plus.

Terms and Conditions

· 28/28 Rotation

· 1 2 years contract

· Compensation competitive

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