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Geotechnical Engineering

OAG offers conventional and advanced geotechnical foundation design and engineering solutions for both offshore and near shore projects. The range of services we provide include:

  • Suction pile analysis and design including:
           I.  Pile (wall thickness) sizing
          II. Penetrability study,
         III. Pullout capacity including soil-structure interaction analysis using FEA
         IV. Global and local component analyses for lifting/handling devices
          V. Fatigue design
  •  Static soil-structure (including 3-D non-linear) interaction analyses for assessment and design of foundations.
  • Analysis of piles, including axial and lateral pile response and ultimate bearing capacity in accordance with API RP2A (WSD and LRFD)
  • Pile Drivability Analysis; including Pile fatigue and stickup/stability calculations for static and dynamic loads



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