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Our staff can combine in-depth knowledge and use of recognized industry standard/practices and advanced numerical modeling competencies often required in the engineering, analyses, design, and assessment of offshore structures. Our expertise is supported by a range of routine and specialist software and hardware.


Through the use of most up-to-date tools, technologies and engineering knowledge, we are able to deliver cost-effective and technically superior solutions.  Our in-house staff, independent consultants and technical partners have a long history of involvement in the design of engineering solutions to client’s requirements.  Our very experienced engineers have worked on projects worldwide, providing services including conceptual, Front-end engineering and design (FEED) and detailed engineering and design of new offshore infrastructures; including conventional platform structures, compliant towers, and floating production installations (FPI).  Our engineers have considerable experience in the integrity management of offshore structures, including optimized inspection planning, quality assurance and quality control of survey activities, engineering evaluation of anomalies, actual assessment of structures for increased loading, damage, or regulatory requirements; and design of remediation schemes.


In particular, OAG has:


•   Key personnel involved in development of tubular joint equations for ISO 19902 and API RP 2A (22nd edition)
•   Engineers with considerable experience in Design Level Analysis and Ultimate Strength Analysis of offshore structures
•   Entire platform assessment performed in-country
•   Specialist capability in platform design and assessment of offshore structures, including static, dynamic, impact, and fire

     and explosion analysis.


OAG Personnel contribute to the improvement and understanding of various technologies by way of organization of seminars, courses and workshops.


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