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Motion Analysis and Safe Operating Envelope

Motion Analysis and Safe Operating Envelope

The objective was to perform a hydrodynamic/motion analysis of three barges moored offshore relative to gangways at different water depths, range of realistic drafts: to determine the safe environmental operating envelope for the gangway, i.e., the limiting weather conditions within which the barge motions will not be greater than what the gangway and its landing area can accommodate.

The analyses undertaken included preparation of hydrodynamic 3D-diffraction models of the barges using MOSES software. The hydrodynamic analyses were performed in the frequency domain.

Using a scatter diagram for local metocean conditions, statistics for barge motion are calculated at the roller run area, at both the gangway and barge to determine the relative movements and motion characteristics. A safe environmental operating envelope is determined for the combined gangway and barge configuration, based on available roller run area on the barge deck and the maximum allowed gangway extension. For the limit environment, barge accelerations at the maximum extents of the roller run area are also reported as part of determination of the safe operating envelope, to allow for compilation of load cases for structural analysis of the articulated section of the gangway and the connection to the stationary section of the gangway.

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