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Procurement and Installation of Hybrid Solar Power

Procurement and Installation of Hybrid Solar Power


•   Undertake necessary audit for bespoke design, to meet the power and energy requirements
•   Deploy best-in-class solar panels, inverter equipment, balance of system components,  and installation materials
•    Design and install monitoring devices to prevent overload and power leakages
•    Recommend routine maintenance such as periodic cleaning of solar panels
•    Use qualified and certified solar system installation engineers/technicians

Zenith Bank Plc Solar Projects – 2017/2018 (Ongoing): Supply and Installation of Solar Hybrid (Grid-interactive PV/Battery) Systems for 25 Nos. On/Off Site Branches of Zenith Plc

  • Scope: Procurement of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Modules, Inverter equipment, Balance of system equipment, with mounting materials and installation works with statutory Codes
  • 4 Nos Off-site branches with 4 kWp PV capacity and 36 kWh battery backup storage (Total Capacity 16 kWp and 144 kWh)
  • 21 Nos. Main branches with 8 kWp PV capacity and 72 kWh battery backup storage (Total Capacity 168 kWp and 1.512 MWh)

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