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OAG has experience in the routine and refined structural, marine, pipeline, and geotechnical engineering of offshore facilities including, fixed, compliant, jack-up, and buoyant systems.  We have core competencies in the following areas, that underpin successful and satisfactory product delivery, in support of customer requirements:

  • Linear and non-linear component finite element analyses (static and dynamic)
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Pipeline and riser analysis
  • Risk and reliability analysis
  • Mooring and riser analysis
  • Fire, explosion, and blast analysis
  • Defect assessment and fracture mechanics
  • Damage and post-damage analysis and assessment
  • Design of structural strengthening and repair schemes, including use of clamps,grout, and fibre reinforced plastics
  • Design of solar and wind power including: Grid-interactive PV/Solar Battery Systems (the most common type of Residential Systems). Off-grid Systems, Grid-tied PV Systems, Micro-grid PV Systems and Solar streetlights

Working with our technical partners, OAG can provide the whole range engineering services required for the offshore and renewable energy industries, including process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation, and other sepecialist engineering services.

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Design of Platform Strengthening and Repairs
Design of Riser Guards
Motion Analysis and Safe Operating Envelope
Pipelay Hold-Back and Bowstring Assessment
Procurement and Installation of Hybrid Solar Power
Strengthening Modification and Repair (SMR)
Structural Assessment of Platform Structures
Tower Integrity Management
Transportation Analyses

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Capabilities / Competencies
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