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Structural Assessment of Platform Structures

Structural Assessment of Platform Structures

Structural re-assessment of several platform deck structures with actual equipment loads in accordance with API RP2A and ISO 19902, to determine any strengthening and/or modifications that may be required.

The re-assessments included:

Review of existing IFC (Issued For Construction) Topside Deck Extension Designs/Drawings and develop alternative designs as required for ease of fabrication and offshore installation                                      

  • Review of pipe supports on proposed decks and redesign supports as necessary,                                                          
  • Updating SACS model, provide strengthening as necessary to confirm structural integrity of the platform,
  • Designing and undertaking of local design, hand calculation, or finite element analyses for overstressed joints.                                                                        
  • Preparation of structural assessment and design reports (SACS & ABAQUS) as required,
  • Preparation of revised IFC drawings,                                             
  • Hand calculations to confirm integrity of  local details,
  • Other structural works to support the successful execution of the project as the need arises.

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